Friday, November 20, 2015

Not Australia

Well, I met this guy in Dublin airport.
We had a meaty breakfast with this guy.
Then we took a tour of Trinity College together.
Book of Kells was cool, but our favorite was the Long Hall. Everything in this building predates our home nation.
Then we got some drinks and snacks at a pub, also called The Long Haul.

Then we made this guy sit through a historic movie and old house. (This was my idea).

Then we found another pub and they ate some more meat. (I had a salad).

The night was young! What else is there to do here? Oh, here's a pub called Devitts.

"My beer looks fantastic."

Why? That's a good question. The best way to answer that is with after dinner drinks at Devitt's.
Tom wanted to hear some jigs. Thankfully, we found a good place for this. Though perhaps that is not really so hard.

The last stop at The Bleeding Horse can only be explained by the dilution rate of my new favorite drink of the trip through the night, Jameson and Ginger. With lime.

No ginger needed at this establishment.

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