Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Sorry, I know I haven't done a good job posting updates this week. "Busy" is a lame excuse, but it is a valid one. Work days this week have seen me up early, quick chat with the family, and in to the office between 7:30 and 8am. I have been fortunate enough to continue my lunch streak - different locations and different people most of the time. (Okay, a few repeats with my favorites). 

Monday I went to straight from the office to meet a friend for dinner. She took me to her house first and I met her adorable kitties :-) then relaxed for a bit and met her dad for dinner at his favorite place, Tann. It was like being in his dining room! He personally knew the staff and the menu. It was just delightful.

Tuesday included a drink after work at a very cool rooftop bar and a wonderful, wonderful conversation with someone in the office that I don't have an excuse to work with much any more. The great thing about this trip is that I have been able to spend time with my "new" work colleagues from current projects, "old" work colleagues from past projects, and my BFFs that I talk to daily when I am in the US.

Last night I also desparately had to do laundry, too. Lots of up and down on the elevator. Every night I also have my touchpoint with my IT PM in the states, and often another call home to my favorite people there. I like the morning calls better, though, because they have more to report.

So that's pretty much this week! Two days and two nights left. I have just about finished up the things I set out to accomplish and am starting to make progress on another big project which is just kicking off. . . it's been very productive. And I've benefited a great deal.

More on my weekend later.  

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