Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Saturday in Ballarat

My close colleague and friend Marie invited me to spend some time with her family this weekend in Ballarat. It was about an hour and a half on the train out of Melbourne.

First up was the botanical garden and row of busts of past prime ministers. Here I am with Holt.

Then we had lunch and visited the Wildlife Park. I loved it! Kangaroos roamed free and you could purchase kibble to feed them out of your hand. 

Some of them were very lazy. 

We were able to get quite close the the kangaroos and even pet them.

Another highlight was feeding the Tasmanian Devils. We watched them scurry about after pieces of mice thrown to them by the keepers and listened to their screaming.

I also saw koalas, quokkas (mini kangaroos) and quolls. Here's a quokka - so cute!

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