Thursday, June 25, 2015


It makes sense that on the day after my husband created a blog post called "Quiet" I find myself feeling solitary.

I didn't work too late today and decided to hit the gym after dinner. The gym was fine for a hotel gym, but there was no music, no tvs, and no shelf on the treadmill to prop up my iPad. So. I.  just. ran.

Which is fine, right? I felt that it made the aloneness of running even more alone. Maybe tomorrow I will take a walk instead. I picked up some walking tours of the city that look interesting and not too time consuming. But that shouldn't matter either. . . I have an odd pocket of time between 5ish and 8ish during which I really don't need to work anymore and no one is really awake in the US. 2-3 hours alone is a gift in my "normal life," but in Australia I feel like I need to fill it up!

At least my lunches this week have been very nice. I've secured invitations every day this week, with a different person or group each time, at a different restaurant. It helps offset solitary brekkies :-) and dinners. Next week I have some dinner engagements lined up, too.

Something else to look forward tomorrow is some time at a sales conference, where a new tool will be launched (I worked hard last year on the log on process to access this tool). So that will be interesting, and very different. Something I haven't done before!

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