Wednesday, June 24, 2015

No more jet lag! (I think)

I've been too tired to go out the past three nights. And woke up between midnight and 2 for varying lengths of time.

But last night I got just about a full 7.5 hours sleep and have felt much more myself. Or maybe it had to do with the two coffees that I were kindly purchased for me this morning. . . Whatever the case, I had some energy tonight and headed out after dinner.

I took a walk downtown. Just to enjoy being in Melbourne for a bit, buy some postcards, and spend $40 on Tim Tams. 

It feels good not to be crashing at 8pm. And I made my first withdrawal, so feel like I've got everything I need right now. Plans are coming together to visit my friend Marie in Ballarat, a mining town outside of Melbourne, this weekend. Days have been productive and full. People are making time for me and it's incredible to have face to face conversations when it's almost always over the phone. Someone asked me today, did I NEED to come? Well, no, I could have done all of these meetings over the phone, in my evening, taking twice as long. Or not had those meetings at all. But being here helps me understand the business better, the people better, and get better results for everyone. I really see it as a great investment.

I'll leave you with a photo or two of my walk. They call it a Chemist, not a drugstore.

Brekky is short for "breakfast."


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